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Finding The Best HHO Dry Cell Design

If you are looking for the best HHO Dry Cell on the market today, click on the navigation on the left and select HHO Dry Cell. If you are one of the many who have already purchased your Hydrogen on Demand system from us, and have any questions, feel free to leave a question or comment.

Everyone is talking about Green Energy, or Renewable Energy. Wind, Solar, and Hydrogen are three of the best methods used for going green. This site is devoted to the production of "Water Gas." Water Gas is simply a method of producing what is commonly referred to as "HHO Gas."

One purpose behind the use of HHO Gas is to reduce the negative effects on our environment caused by the pollutants from vehicles. Another purpose of using this Green Energy is to reduce global dependence on oil. Not only will this reduce wars caused by the larger nations need for more oil in an ever shrinking supply, the use of an hho kit in your car will improve your gas mileage.

hho kit best drycellFor those of you who are new here to 2hho, we have been experimenting with hydrogen and hho dry cell generators for a long time. We went through the phase of the old Mason Jar HHO Generators, we went through the phase of the old ABS and PVC Hydrogen Generators, and now we have come to the new and improved HHO Dry Cell Kit. Thousands of these Dry Cells have been sold. There are quite a few differing hho dry cell designs out there but the design perfected by hho2u is becoming the most used hho dry cell World Wide. The picture above is the 21 plate "3 hole" design.

We have recently added a page where you can purchase DIY hho dry cell kits; these hho kits are not just any run of the mill generator the parts are exactly what hho2u uses to build their now world recognized "3 hole hho dry cell"

Go over to the hho diy kit page and check it out - 11, 13, 21, and 25 plate kits. You Won't Find These HHO Diy Kit Anywhere Else.

What is an HHO Dry Cell

"Dry Cell" is a common name for a particular design of HHO electrolyzer or now known as HHO generator. Originally called the common-duct-series-cell electrolyzer designed and patented by William Rhodes, Yull Brown and Ernest Spirig. The hho drycell design was later refined by George Wiseman and Bob Boyce.The name is a bit confusing as these hho cells still use electrolyte in water like any other electrolyzer. The properties below will help you to see why it is a better design than the average "wet cell" hho generator.

Other common types of HHO generators, called wet cells use a series of plates submerged in the electrolyte solution. Large amounts of the electrical current is "leaked" at the edges of the plates. This current is wasted energy and does nothing to increase HHO production. As the plates a submerged in the water bath and the water does not circulate heat builds up and has no where to go. The dry cell is also a series of metal plates each plate is separated by gaskets, rubber or other material such as silicone are found to work quiet well, the electrolyte is confined inside those gaskets. This creates a series of individual "cells". The edges of the plates, including all of the electrical connections are outside of the electrolyte bath. The water is supplied to the Dry Cell from a reservoir tank placed above it and gravity feed to the cell. If the HHO Dry Cell is constructed correctly the water then recirculates back to the tank by a self pumping action created by the electrolysis process.

Here are a few images of hho cells that will help illustrate these differences in design:


hho property of drycell


wet cell vs dry cell


hho dry cell and tank

You can see the gaskets between the edges of the plates in the dry cell picture. You can also see in this picture that the electrical connections to the plates are outside away from the electrolyte bath.

hho dry cell inside In order to get electrolyte in to the cell plates, and to let the gas get out, the cell plates have holes in them. A properly built hho dry cell has holes at the top of each plate, so that the HHO gas can pass from between the plates to the outer sides of the cell and be carried back to the reservoir tank along with water solution. There should also be holes at the bottom of each plate to allow the electrolyte to circulate. The upper fitting allows the HHO to get out of the cell, and the lower fitting is for replenishing electrolyte. HHO2u has perfected a 3 hole design - the 3rd hole has proved to give the dry cell a pumping action that hasn't been match, this speeds up the recirculation of their cell and helps them run cooler for longer periods of time.

Number of plates, how the plates are powered, and how much voltage is applied from plate to plate, are just some of the parameters that can vary. But if your hho generators are dry cells they have the qualities described here.

Can Hydrogen or HHO Be Used As A Motor Fuel ?

Hydrogen can be used as a motor fuel in several ways. It can be used to directly replace gasoline or diesel fuel or it can be used to supplement these fuels in existing vehicles already on the roads today. Unfortunately it does not look as if anyone in control is moving to swiftly to replace gas or diesel with Hydrogen. So it seems to be up to the individual experimenters like you and I to enhance the inefficiencies of our daily drivers.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier and when added to fossil fuel creates a more complete combustion. Government and private studies have been done with a variety of hydrogen injection methods and proven that by adding a small amount of hydrogen or what is known as HHO gas to gasoline and diesel test motors that the fuel consumption goes down, the harmful emissions go down and the power goes up. We have also seen these same results with our own hho installs.

For the last several years hundreds of thousands of people, from large corporate businesses to back yard experimenters have developed and tested what is known as "Hydrogen on Demand". These hho generator devices are designed to be retrofit to cars and trucks that are already on the roads. These "Hydrogen Generators" actually produce HHO Gas, not pure hydrogen.This hho gas is used as it is produced, no dangerous gas is stored, thus the term "on demand". HHO generators have proven to be effective in cutting fuel consumption and cutting harmful emissions, just as the Government and NASA experimentation 20 years ago proved.

The most commonly used HHO Generator in most Hydrogen on Demand systems today is what is Known as an HHO Dry Cell.

If you would like to know more about how to install hydrogen on demand on your car or truck please look around our site, if you can't find the answers to your hho install questions please feel free to email us. We have tried to set up this site as more of an education site for those who are looking to learn the truth about hho kits and the application of Hydrogen on demand than a promotion for any certain hho generator over others; but if we locate a better designed hho dry cell or other type of hho generator kit we will always keep you informed.

Over the years we have received piles of email requesting help with HHO installation problems, building hho dry cells and other hho related topics so we have decided to help you save some time by writing several helpful HHO articles. These hydrogen articles will cover some of the most basic issues faced when installing your hydrogen on demand generator. Check out our HHO Resource page for many helpful articles on HHO.

Here you can find links to complete hho dry cell install instructions from one of the hho kit designers that we highly recommend. No where will you get more Free HHO Kit Information

Here is what one hho dry cell builder had to say - (8/14/12) First Name : marcus wo... Email : ..mmw...@gmail.com Comments : I am a retired Boilermaker and I try to build most of what I need by myself. My house, my garage, and even my in-ground pool. I just wanted to say that I have not found anyone that has tried to help the average (joe)build an hho dry cell in the ways that you have. I have read every word that you have put into print and I have found that you really care about your product and the people that might use it. I was really impressed with the fact that you did not try to hide anything about building the generator myself. Even if you do not make as much money selling the complete HHO generator, you are offering the parts for people like me that will build their own. The negative and positive arrangement of your plates is probably the most help, instead of trying to figure out the best way. My hat goes off to you and your associates, as far as I am concerned you are a class act, treating people fairly. Just one thing, I did not see any of the acrylic plates in your parts list. Can a person buy them from you? again thanks for helping the little guys. Sincerely Marcus Wor... (Buddy)

You will notice on this hho site there are a few highly recommended hho dry cell builders; these sites that we recommend have been doing business in the hho generator market for 4 years or more each and are tried and tested. Some offer the absolute best hho Kits and HHO Dry Cells on the market today.