If you need to find out exactly which EFIE you will need please fill out this form: EFIE Information You can play a guessing game about which EFIE you need or you can let the guys who know what they are doing select the correct EFIE's for your HHO Generators.


You may already know which EFIE you need for your specific vehicle, if this is the case you can click on the image of the EFIE's below and be taken to a site that has the best quality and prices for an EFIE.


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hho efie The Quad Digital EFIE Basic   
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NEW! The Latest Breakthrough in EFIE Technology! $99.00


The Quad Digital EFIE Basic is the next new member of our family of digital EFIEs. Digital EFIEs allow much leaner settings on vehicles than other types of EFIE. We recommend Digital EFIEs for all narrow band oxygen sensors that are upstream of the catalytic converter. Note, that the Quad EFIE uses a pair of analog EFIEs for the downstream sensors (see the article in the link above to see why the downstream EFIEs need to be analog type). Digital EFIEs have the following benefits:

  1. Can make the air/fuel mix much leaner than earlier designs. With this device you can lug down your engine, and often kill it if you set it too lean.
  2. Absolutely rock steady adjustment no matter what temperature the environment. Will vary less than 1/2 of 1% over it's rated temperature range of -40 to 125 Centigrade.
  3. Will work with older, "tired" oxygen sensors that should have been replaced. Other EFIE styles may require these to be replaced. Mind you, if they are old, they should still be replaced. But if they are working prior to your EFIE install, they will still work with this EFIE.
  4. One adjustment pot modifies both upstream (Digital) EFIEs equally, and similarly, one pot adjusts both downstream (Analog) EFIEs. This makes these devices easier to set.
efieThis is the wideband EFIE