kit diy hho dry cell

kit diy hho dry cell
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We are proud to be the first and the only hho site to be able to offer these awesome DIY hho dry cells.
This is the same hho cell that has become known Worldwide as the best hho dry cell - designed and manufactured by

21 diy hho dry cell

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All our diy hho kits are sure to be 316L stainless. Below is a snap shot of what you want to see if you are buying stainless steel for your hho generators. We happen to save and date the section with the stamp out of every batch that comes from the laser cut to assure every diy hho dry cell that comes from us is beyond a doubt the very best available.

21 diy hho dry cell

The Best HHO DIY Dry Cell Kit

If you are looking for the best kit to build your own HHO Dry Cell, you have found just that.

We have been building and experimenting with HHO Dry Cells since around 2008 and have tried about every configuration of plates and hole sizes and placement. We want to give all you hho inthusiaste a chance to build your own hho dry cell for about half what you would pay assembled.

As some of you have discovered trying to buy cut and drill all the stainless steel, acrylic end caps, and mounting hardware required to build a decent hho dry cell is quite a bit of work. And can get a bit expensive when building one or two dry cells at a time. Not to mention finding all the correct assembly hardware required for your particular dry cell Configuration

Build Your Own HHO Dry Cell

PARTS LIST = hho dry cell kits

3-POWER PLATES for 11 and 13 plate cells 8-NEUTRAL PLATES for 11 cell; 10-NEUTRAL PLATES for 13 plate dry cell
5-POWER PLATES for 21 and 25 plate cells. 16-NEUTRAL PLATES for 21 dry cell and 20-NEUTRAL PLATES for our 25 plate dry cell. * All diy hho dry cell kits come with 2-PCS. ACRYLIC End caps with 3/8" elbow barbs installed,the correct number of O RINGS, 2- PCS ALUMINUM mounting bracket, 4- 1/4-20 TAP BOLTS the correct lenth to build your selected cell, 8- 1/4-20 NUTS, 10- WASHERS and 2- 1/4-20 WING NUTS (red & black)

11 plate or 13 plate hho dry cell kits

kit diy hho dry cell

11 plate dry cell -NNNN+NNNN-
13 plate dry cell -NNNNN+NNNNN-

11 or 13 Ship To Option

21 or 25 plate diy hho dry cell kit

21 plate diy hho dry cell

21 plate kit -nnnn+nnnn-nnnn+nnnn-
25 plate hho cell -nnnnn+nnnnn-nnnnn+nnnnn-

21 or 25 Ship To Option

2 Quart Reservoir With 3/8" Fittings

diy hho dry cell reservoir

Add The
Two Quart Reservoir

Reservoir Ship To Option

Our Diy HHO dry cell kits

A note from one very satisfied cell builder

I built my drycell over a year ago using this diy hho kit and haven't seen any debris or muck during routine drain, rinse and refill maintenance every 2-3 months.This grade of SS (316L) has very little impurities to start with. If your using anything less than that your asking for problems. Even after taking my hho dry cell apart for inspection after 6 months run time I still failed to see anything but some normal browning on some of the plates and a very very small amount of debris.

Why Buid Your Own Dry Cell With Our Diy HHO Kit ?

Cost for one - If you are only building one or two dry cells for personal use, this is the way to go. If you were to round up the acrylic plates and the 316L stainless and drill the necassary holes alone will take many hours of your time. All theses plates are laser cut, this means the holes and edges are very clean and the plates are flat. Having all your plates consistent does make a difference in assembly and production.

Please feel free to contact us or (661-350-0682) for any needed help on your DIY HHO Projects


  • Laser cut 316L stainless steel plates.

  • High temp clear acrylic end caps.

  • High temp 3" O ring gaskets.

  • 1/4 zinc bolts, nuts and washers.

  • Threaded Nylon high temp fittings, pre installed.

  • 1" aluminum mounting brackets

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